Prenatal Physiotherapy Sessions

Location: Motion Matters Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, 170 Laurier Ave. W.

Prenatal physiotherapy sessions

Pregnancy is a time where the female body experiences many physical and emotional changes. Participating in a gentle exercise regime may maximize the ability of your body to adapt to these changes. The prenatal exercise sessions offered at Motion Matters are tailored to your needs and are developed by our physiotherapists. These sessions are offered on a one-on-one basis to better assess your individual needs and to successfully achieve your goals.

During these sessions you will be provided with valuable information on physical and physiological changes expected during pregnancy. How to get relief from common pregnancy related discomfort such as shortness of breath, rib pain, swelling, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, cramps, constipation. Posture and proper body mechanics to help prevent the onset of pregnancy related back and pelvic pain. You will be going through a variety of functional core exercises that will help you to strengthen and maintain the correct flexibility of the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles. Prevent onset of urinary incontinence, diastasis recti, sacroiliac, symphysis pubis, mid and low back pain.

By attending these sessions you will dramatically improve your posture during pregnancy, help prevent onset of pregnancy related aches and pains and facilitate labour

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