Personal training Ottawa

Location: Motion Matters Exercise and Rehab Centre, 170 Laurier Ave. W.



Over the past few decades, people have increasingly made health a top priority. People are now much more aware of the role regular exercise plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As many have discovered, sticking with your health goals is not always easy. Some lose their motivation to maintain a consistent exercise schedule. Others develop unwanted strains and over-use injuries from the repetitive stresses of being trapped in a mundane work-out routine.

If this is sounding familiar, having your own personal trainer is the perfect solution for you.



Whether you are an absolute beginner who is trying to get into shape following an injury, or an athlete wanting a more competitive edge, Motion Matters can help.

We will instruct you in a safe and effective exercise routine that will provide you with the confidence, structure, accountability and knowledge needed to reach your goals.

Our trainers will provide you with and progress you through an individual workout plan while watching your form and biomechanics.

If you require additional supervision focused on your quality of movement, range of motion limits, strengths and endurance then book your sessions with Vanessa for her physiotherapist’s specialized approach to personal training.

Please contact us to let us help you get motivated for your next work-out.

To book an appointment or to register to our exercise classes, contact us