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Pain is a highly subjective sensation and varies from person to person. It is a feeling of discomfort described as stabbing, sharp, throbbing or as an ache. Only the person experiencing pain can describe it properly.

In order to grasp why someone is experiencing pain your physiotherapist must have an understanding of the type, frequency, duration and gravity of pain. This is done primarily through a comprehensive assessment involving subjective reporting of pain. This may include the following elements:

  • The identification of all pains
  • The site, quality and radiation of pain
  • What factors aggravate and relieve the pain
  • When pain occurs during the day
  • What impact the pain has on the person’s function and personality

In physiotherapy, pain management is a catch all phrase for the application of various treatments aimed at reducing pain and thus improving function. Pain management could include the use of Manual Therapy, modalities (IFC, Ultrasound, etc.), Acupuncture, Trigger point needling, Education as well as Exercises.

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