What is Tendonitis?

Tendons are flexible but inelastic cords of fibrous collagen tissue that attach the muscles to the bones throughout the body.

Tendonitis is a condition where tendons become inflamed and stressed. Symptoms of tendonitis can be very painful, with swelling and a soreness deep within the tissue that leads to an inability to perform daily tasks comfortably. One of the most common causes of tendonitis is a significant strain or injury where the tendons are made to elongate or pull past their typical range of motion.

How Physiotherapy Can Help?

For both tendonitis and tendinopathy, flexibility and strength training guided by a physiotherapist can begin immediately. An individualized rehabilitation schedule is necessary because every injury is unique, and the lifestyle and goals of patients can range.

For the fastest recovery time, carefully follow the instructions of your physiotherapist on what you need to do at home between appointments.

Identifying the cause of the tendon injury is key, along with implementing corrections to the movement or activity that caused the injury. This way, long-term problems with the tendons can be prevented.

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