Sprains and Strain Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Treatment in Ottawa

Sprains usually involve joints and the ligaments surrounding them. Strains involve muscles and connective tissues. They are often confused because both are considered soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system and both present themselves with similar symptoms. Common conditions and injuries that we treat include:

– Tennis/golfer’s elbow

– Ankle sprains

– Knee meniscus injuries

– Plantar fasciitis

Ligaments are like strong cloth or leather, tough, but when pulled to their limit they can tear. Muscle fibers are pliable like elastics. They are resilient but, when overexerted or overstretched, can tear. Depending on the tear’s severity, a sprain or strain can be mild, medium, or severe, often referred to as level 1, 2 or 3. The accumulation of fluids after an injury gives rise to the characteristic symptoms of pain, swelling and bruising and makes it difficult to differentiate one from the other. Physiotherapists specialize in their differentiation during the initial assessment. If the injury resulted from trauma while playing sports, the physiotherapist might find evidence of both types of soft tissue injury, and therapy may overlap considerably. Acute injury treatment follows the RICE formula: Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. The goal of treatment for all soft tissue injuries is to restore function as soon as possible. By seeking prompt diagnosis and treatment, including physiotherapy, you can be back to your usual activities in the shortest time possible.

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