Many Professional Athletes Turn to Motion Matters To Keep At the Top of Their Game.

At Motion Matters, our Ottawa Physiotherapy Clinic, we diagnose and treat sports injuries naturally so that you can get back to your healthy and active lifestyle. The moment you feel pain or hear an odd noise from your body while exercising or participating in an activity immediately stop and seek expert help. Pain and cracking or popping noises indicate that an injury has been experienced.

We offer sports physiotherapy, corrective exercises, nutritional counselling, and manual therapy for the healing of sports injuries.

Corrective exercises help strengthen injured muscles and promote proper movement so that healing can take place and the likelihood of future injuries is reduced.

Manual therapy helps increase blood flow, promotes relaxation, and reduces body and muscle pain.

Sports injuries can cause lifelong suffering if nothing is done to correct them. Physiotherapy care is extremely beneficial for sports injuries and finding the root of the pain.

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