At Motion Matters, our Ottawa physiotherapists and massage therapists understand that running is important to you and that an injury that interferes with your running regimen can be quite a nuisance.

That is why our team of professionals are specially trained to help you run better, recover from your running injuries faster and prevent running injuries before they start!

Our physiotherapists have a special interest in running injuries and have pursued specialized post-graduate training in running injury management and prevention. When you see one of our experienced physiotherapists for your running concerns, they will conduct a comprehensive assessment that is specifically relevant to running.

During the assessment, the physiotherapist will gather information about your running habits. They will look closely at your gait, running biomechanics, footwear, muscle strength, mobility, and functional movement strategies.

With this information, they will develop an individualized treatment plan that will help you recover from your injury and provide you with the knowledge and tools to prevent re-injury.

Your treatment plan may include manual therapies, stretching and mobilization of tissues and structures that have limited mobility. You may also receive shockwave therapy to stimulate tissue healing in injured areas that may no longer be responding to your body’s natural healing processes.

If required, your physiotherapist may give you advice on footwear and other external factors such as running terrain and running frequency. They will teach you exercises to improve muscle imbalances and your running technique.

They may also suggest an appropriate warm up and cool down regimen that will help your muscles prepare for a run and recover after your run. Ultimately, your running treatment program will be individualized and catered to address your specific concerns and issues.

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