Running Assessment

Location: Motion Matters Exercise and Rehab Centre, 170 Laurier Ave. W.


Are you running with pain? Are you interested in learning how to prevent running related injuries? Are you interested in improving your performance and speed? Our running assessments can help!

It has been reported that approximately 80% of runners are injured at some point in their running life. Over 70% of those injuries are a result of training errors and/or poor running biomechanics – with novice runners having a 2-3 times greater risk of injury compared to experienced runners. That is why it is imperative to not just assess and treat a running injury but ALSO to evaluate an individual’s biomechanics and training habits to fully comprehend and effectively manage running injuries.

Our experienced running physiotherapist France Belisle-Leclerc is familiar with the complexities of running and is up to date on the latest scientific research involving running and the treatment and prevention of running injuries.

During the assessment, your running technique will be evaluated and you will receive recommendations that will help you improve your running technique and help you reach your goals – whether that be to improve your speed and reach a personal best, begin running, return to running after injury or just simply prevent future injuries.

The assessment process incorporates video software to assist in the biomechanical analysis of your gait as well as provide you with visual feedback for better awareness of yourself as a runner. In addition to assessing your running mechanics, our physiotherapist will also review your running history, habits and running goals in order to provide specific and personalized running and training recommendations. You will also learn about training programs and proper footwear.

A running assessment will benefit any level of runner from the beginner all the way up to the seasoned ultra-marathoner.

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