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Trigger Point Dry Needling involves multiple advances of a very fine needle into the trigger point of a muscle. The aim is to create a local muscle twitch in order to release the muscle tension, decrease pain and restore optimal muscle length and function. Healthy muscles feel very little discomfort and are unlikely to twitch with the needle insertion. If the muscle has active trigger points or is shortened patients will experience a cramp sensation which is the “twitch response”.

Muscles often tighten to protect an area of the body that is injured. This protective spasm can be a detriment to treating the underlying impairment. The therapist will have difficulty effectively mobilizing a stiff joint through these tight muscles. TDN is an effective way to release muscle tension allowing the therapist to efficiently treat the underlying joint dysfunction.


  • Disposable acupuncture needles are inserted in to the dysfunctional muscle with multiple advances.
  • Patients will experience an intense cramping sensation when the muscle twitches.
  • The needles are not left in the muscle as is the case with acupuncture treatments, they are immediately removed.
  • Treatments can focus on a single muscle or many different muscles depending on the patients needs.
  • After the treatments patients may feel stiff as if the muscle has had an intense workout.
  • Heat applied post treatment either at home or at the clinic will help to decrease the muscle stiffness.
  • Bruising over the area treated is a common side affect.

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