A screen is a series of movement-based patterns.  Studying these patterns will tell the clinician what areas of the body are stronger than others and which are not functioning properly.  It is not a diagnosis but a tool to help find areas than can benefit from therapeutic measures.  It also tracks the progress of the therapies being administered and is a guide to when the client can return to more strenuous activities.  At the first appointment, a baseline assessment is conducted and then periodically thereafter to determine the patient’s status.  It can also be beneficial in determining if future injuries are possible.

This diagnostic tool clinically assesses seven fundamental, daily activities, like standing on one leg or bending forward.  Although these are simple, the trained therapist will be able to detect poor movement that may indicate the cause of recurrent injuries or other problems.

By analyzing the patterns, the therapist can design a customized treatment plan to address areas of poor stability (motion control) or mobility (range of motion).  This will result in pain-free motion and better function overall.

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