Sometimes called dry needling, this is a technique that will decrease pain that results from shortened muscles and nerves that are oversensitive.  When the shortened muscles are released, the nerves are restored to full function.  These shorter muscles are generally found around the spinal area.

Before embarking on any plan of treatment, you will be fully assessed to be sure this is the best option for the condition or pain.  If warranted an IMS is scheduled that involves inserting very thin acupuncture needles into the muscle bands.  This is usually fairly painless although some cramping may be felt.  This cramping allows the muscles to then relax, which removes the pressure from the affected nerves.

This is not acupuncture, although the two treatments are similar.  In acupuncture, needles are inserted into predetermined points on the body known as meridians or maps of energy.  In IMS the needles are applied directly at the site of the pain.

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