Our specially designed running plans are designed to prevent injuries prevalent among runners and to enhance performance as well as speed.

In a runner’s lifetime some type of injury is expected.  Most are related to training or poor running biomechanics.  Those who are just beginning in this sport are more likely to sustain some type of injury.  Through our program we treat running injuries but also fully assess the individual’s training habits and form.  By maintaining the latest information and training in the field of running we apply scientific methods to treating and preventing running injuries.

We use video software to assess your gait as well as a training tool so that you can see your techniques that you can apply to self-awareness.  We will take a history of other injuries or ailments as well as your running history.

Our specialists will perform an assessment of your running techniques and will offer recommendations.  These suggestions will be designed for you to meet your goals, whichever they are:  Improve speed, begin the hobby, return to the sport, or prevent future problems.  We will include proper footwear and suggest options from our current training programs.

This program is important for anyone who runs or would like to.  This includes the novice as well as a seasoned professional.

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