Created by Joseph Pilates, this is a technique originally developed for dancers to enhance the body-mind connection and focuses on core training.  The exercises can be performed on a floor mat, or with specially designed equipment.  It looks at body awareness, coordination, quality of movement and has been proved to be beneficial to all especially for posture and flexibility.

Now being used to complement rehabilitation, it is supervised by a physiotherapist who has earned a Pilates instructor certification.  These exercises can be modified to adapt to each person’s need.  Pilates is a benefit to the individual who wants to improve their performance or just to stay in shape.  

The process can be conducted using the person’s own body weight and performed on a floor mat.  Or it can involve specialized equipment called a Tower Reformer.  This is a bed on a carriage and springs that adds resistance to the exercises.

We can arrange for a private session or you can join one of our group classes.  All levels are accepted.  Contact us to register.

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