We have allocated specific space to our rehabilitation center for physical conditioning, education, and active rehabilitation.  In this area we offer individual sessions of exercise programs conducted by registered physiotherapists and/or physiotherapy assistants who are specifically trained.  Our goal is the professional training for our clients to be physically fit and to recover safely from injury.

The equipment has been selected with a concern for safety and effectiveness.  They include resistance machines and Pilates apparatuses.  

  • Cardiovascular including treadmill and stationary bike.
  • Power squat rack
  • Resistance including ankle and free weights, Thera-band elastic bands, kettlebells
  • Proprioception and stability equipment of Bosu ball, weight and stability balls, rotator and gliding disks, fences, cones, foam rolls, Yoga Tune-up balls and plyometric boxes 
  • Pilates like tower reformers, spine correctors, magic rings, blocks bolsters, blankets, Zafu cushions, mats and straps.

To schedule an appointment contact us through this site or call at (613) 237-4343.  

To book an appointment or to register to our exercise classes, contact us