Back pain can be located anywhere along the spine from the neck to the tailbone.  However, the most common area is in the lower back.  There is associated radicular pain which seems to travel down the back into the thigh or even lower leg and foot.  It may feel tight, ache, sharp, numbness, or other sensations.

Anyone of any age can experience lower back pain, although it is more common in women and more often in ages 40 to 69.  If you experienced back pain as a child, it is more likely to recur as an adult.  There are some risk factors that have been identified:

  • Smoking
  • Excess weightlifting
  • Depression
  • Heavy lifting

Management of lower back pain is practiced at Downtown Ottawa Physiotherapists.  We have found our procedures to help recovery, rehabilitating chronic conditions, and pain relief.  Our techniques include education, exercise therapy, manual therapy, manipulation, and self-management.  We have also found success with acupuncture, soft tissue release and other treatments.

An x-ray is not always necessary, but our therapist will evaluate the need along with a thorough assessment of the pain.

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