I became a client at Motion Matters to alleviate the pain of an injury. I have remained a client because I am being given the skills to restructure how I move. I was seeking a short term solution, but, through instruction that is both physical and intellectual, I am learning strategies to live actively longer. The mental picture I am developing of why I am doing what I am doing is as important to me as my many newly discovered muscles! As I have told many of my aging and increasingly injury-prone friends, I am very impressed by Motion Matter.


When I developed psoriatic arthritis, which flares up every winter, Motion Matters Sports Injury Clinic was recommended to me. I’ve been attending Motion Matters for the past three to four winters getting ongoing treatment and I have to say I’ve received excellent treatment from Donna Lamport – the best move I’ve made for therapy and pain management.

All the staff are professional and pleasant and the clinic is well-equipped and hygienic.
Excellent facility…way to go Donna!



I had a chronic rotator cuff and I’d been to half a dozen clinics in Ottawa, looking for help. Finally I found Motion Matters. In just three weeks of treatment, the injury was gone! They have something undefinable… I’d call it “healing hands”. Now, I’ve been to them for many other injuries and I always get fast results. Just as important, I’ve learned so much about the way my muscles function. I like to have a role in my recovery and, through exercise, They’ve given me the opportunity to participate in the healing process.



I have suffered from TMJ for close to 30 years. People don’t realize with TMJ there are many side effects of this. Headaches / migraines, neck pain, jaw pain / stiffness and a few other things.

I am so glad that my doctor suggested going to see someone at Motion Matters and that a friend who goes there also told me about Donna. She has made a world of difference with my pain management through physio with muscle manipulation and the exercises she shows me and reminds me about every time I go.

I enjoy walking in there and knowing that the staff is friendly and helpful. I never feel rushed and I feel pampered when I go. Thank you for all the skills you have given me and the coping strategies for living with this.



I needed to have physiotherapy after breaking my left knee cap. I chose Motion Matters for its great location in downtown Ottawa and [because] their physiotherapy could include acupuncture. As a result of an earlier accident I suffer from spasticity in my left leg. I had discovered that acupuncture was a great method of minimizing the spasms in my leg.

Donna Lamport worked with me with great care and compassion to give me a full recovery and use of my knee. The continuing acupuncture treatment keeps my spasticity to a minimum. She has demonstrated a superior knowledge of physiotherapy including acupuncture. She is the best physiotherapist I have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you, Donna.



I have been to a number of physiotherapy clinics over the years for my medical condition but Motion Matters offers the most highly skilled physiotherapists, innovative techniques and equipment that have helped me to improve and manage my limitations. Special thanks to Motion Matters for all of the unique techniques, caring and supportive style and for the self help management program that they developed for me which has enabled me to improve and manage my condition.



As a competitive athlete, an injury does not simply mean an interruption in daily life, but rather a setback in the pursuit of personal goals that have been months, sometimes years, in the making. That being said, the only thing more frustrating than an injury itself is not feeling that you are on the road to recovering.

To avoid this frustration it is critical to work with a physiotherapist team that understands you, and your injury. For over four years, Donna Lamport and her team at Motion Matters have provided me the piece of mind and confidence that I can overcome any injury and resume competitive action without “spinning my wheels”.

From the initial assessment, to the final treatment, I have always found that the treatment of my injuries to be thorough, progressive, and proactive. At the end of my treatment I am not only injury free, but I am also challenged with exercises that I use to strengthen and balance my body so as to avoid a future reoccurrence of the injury.

While past experiences give me reason to highly recommend Motion Matters to others, it is Donna’s continuing professional development through education and certification that gives me confidence that my future injuries will be treated with the highest of professional care.

Thanks to Donna and her team at Motion Matters for always putting me back together again!



My first appointment at Motion Matters was 10 months ago. I had suffered with chronic ankle pain for over two years a result of repeated sports injuries. I was assessed during my initial consultation and my personal treatment plan was developed from there. At that time, the range of motion in my ankle joints and muscles was incredibly limited and I suffered from constant aggravation and pain in that area. Walking even short distances would cause noticeable ankle swelling.

Through staged treatments including ultrasound and TENS therapy, I began to gain flexibility in the joints whilst the use of acupuncture therapy helped to dramatically decrease my pain levels. My treatment is now in its final stages to help improve my muscle strength and balance. This treatment may seem prolonged, but my initial injuries were severe. The knowledge, care and dedication of my therapist has resulted in a dramatic improvement from my initial condition.

The staff at Motion Matters is dedicated to providing the best treatment they can offer, with various options to best suit each individual situation. The clinic is clean and visibly professional. In addition, the reception staff is always helpful to make appointments to best fit your schedule.



I started last September 2003. I was referred by my specialist from Gatineau Hospital as a very good place for physio treatment.

When I started in September, I could barely walk on my own; I was using a cane and a knee brace for support. I could not bend my left knee nor put much weight on it. It was quite swollen, stiff and very painful.

My initial physiotherapist put me on a gradual exercise program. I was closely monitored and exercises adjusted with improvement. All my improvements and my short setbacks have been recorded in my file. I have since moved with a new physiotherapist and I have improved very much again.

I feel that the [whole] staff, from the receptionist, to the “student helper”, to my physiotherapist are very professional and caring. When I come in – in pain – they listen and do my physio and treatment in consideration.

After seven months, I can walk without a cane or knee brace. My knee is still weak, unsteady and some days sore, but there is so much improvement that I am very proud of it. This improvement is the result of the close care of Motion Matters.

Thank you Motion Matters.



In September 2003 I was involved in an accident which resulted with me having a fractured knee and ankle. Surgery was performed and a metal plate and screws were placed in my knee and ankle. For the next three months I was non-weight bearing and my movements were restricted.

In November 2003 I started physiotherapy at Motion Matters. My leg, ankle and foot were all extremely swollen, severely atrophied, I only had 40% of my range of motion and the wounds were not healed. The physiotherapists, using a combination of techniques including muscle stimulators, laser therapy, tape therapy and acupuncture started me with non-weight bearing exercises and over time to full weight bearing exercises. My physiotherapists were diligent in successfully bringing me to the maximum range of motion I can achieve given the surgical reconstruction.

Physicians heal – physiotherapists rehabilitate. I know I wouldn’t be walking as well as I do today if it wasn’t for the physiotherapy. I especially want to thank Vanessa and Michelle for their commitment to me.



I first went to Motion Matters after falling victim to thinking I was younger than I am on the Ultimate field. Vanessa treated my aches, pains and sprains. I ended up back seeing Vanessa because I cut corners with my exercises, and against Vanessa’s advice, went back to play earlier than I should have. Once again Vanessa patched me up. When I started to listen to Vanessa, I began to feel stronger and healthier. I was back on the field in no time. I was able to continue to play my sports while still in treatment. That was very important to me.

I also had my ankle taped by Michelle prior to an Ultimate game. Against Vanessa’s advice, this game was very important for me to play in. My team was playing my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s team, whom she had given me the boot for a couple of weeks prior. It was a moral imperative that I make him look extremely bad on the field. Mission accomplished. The taping job held up great.

On another occasion while playing indoor soccer and in the midst of trying to be Pelè, I rolled my ankle. This was the first time I met Stéphanie. I was in tremendous pain to the point that I could barely walk when Stéphanie started to work on me. With past history as a reference, I listened to, and executed everything that Stéphanie had told me. Stéphanie put me back together faster than I thought could be done. Stéphanie is flat out awesome.

In my dealings with Vanessa, Michelle and Stéphanie I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and expertise without the clinical atmosphere. They are very comfortable to be around and provide a very trusting environment.

You have a really great place and I try to tell as many people as I can when the topic comes up. I know that if something happens to me on the field, I am in very good hands.

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