Maysa Alnattah

Maysa Alnattah is an internationally educated Physiotherapist with a Bachelor’s degree from Jordan University in Science and Technology, a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Lund, Sweden, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Health from Malmo University. She furthered her education with a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Science from McMaster University in Hamilton, focusing on evaluating physical function in individuals with low back pain. Most recently, she completed the Certificate in Bridging to Canadian Physical Therapy Practice with the University of Alberta.

Maysa brings a wealth of diverse international professional experiences to her career from her roles as a Physiotherapist at the Royal Jordanian Military Rehabilitation Center to Doctors Without Borders, the International Committee of Red Cross, and Teaching Assistant at McMaster University.

Maysa is dedicated to advancing holistic health and well-being with her clients. Her foundational belief revolves around the provision of individualized care, respecting the unique requirements, concerns, and objectives of each patient. Her treatment philosophy seamlessly integrates evidence-based practices, pain science, and biomechanical principles, with the aim of alleviating pain and empowering patients to take charge of their recovery journey.

Beyond her professional commitments, Maysa passionately pursues outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, biking, and the exploration of natural landscapes. She is an enthusiastic traveler, an accomplished swimmer, and an avid reader. She believes in the importance of life balance which she consciously integrates into her patient care approach.

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