Aaron Cardinell

Aaron Cardinell graduated from The University of Manitoba: School of Medical Rehabilitation in 1988
and was the first Indigenous Graduate in Medical Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy), in Canada.

Aaron has 35 years of Physiotherapy experience consisting of extensive orthopedic manual therapy experience and several years of post-graduate orthopedic training. Aaron prides himself as a “hands-on” physiotherapist with a strong ability to figure out complex conditions with his experienced assessment

Aaron has helped mentor numerous Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students, over the years and motivated many students to successful professional medical careers. He has also been working and lending his expertise to the various organization such as First Nations Health in Canada, Providing First Nations Political Health Advise and Global Indigenous Health.

Aaron is very dedicated and caring towards his clinical patients as well as continuing his work in his projects related to his scope of practice. We are excited, pleased and honored to have Aaron join our dedicated Motion Maters of knowledgeable physiotherapists

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